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The wine scene in Israel is constantly developing. There are more then 300 wineries including small and boutique wineries.
The foundation of Golan Heights Winery in 1983 is a significant milestone in the developing of Israel’s current wine culture.
The revolution of Israel's wine scene has firmly placed Israel on the world wine map.

At the same time the quality of the restaurants in Israel considerably increased. The articles and the news in this site will cover world news as well.

Danny Sessler

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In Israel, Even the Wine Is Political

In Israel, Even the Wine Is Political Who says there’s no politics in wine? It’s been a particularly tense month in Israel’s wine industry as key players

Nevo winery

Nevo winery

As of 2015 the winery produced 7,000 bottles per year including reds, whites and roses. Potential future winery to reach